Feather star (antedon mediterranean)
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Common name Feather star
Scientific name Antedon Mediterranean
Class Crinoidei
Order Articolati
Family Antedonidae
Distribution The Mediterranean.
Habitat rocky substrates rich in algae, sandy or muddy substrates and meadows of Posidonia oceanica from depths of 15 - 80 metres.
Dimensions Diameters range from 20-25 cm.
Characteristicts Long, thin and feathered arms; barbed cirri on the underside; cup-shaped body

The body of a typical feather star is cup-shaped, with approximately 10 feathery arms projecting from a central disc. It also has as many as 40 appendages, known as cirri attached to the underside of the body. Colours vary between red, orange, yellow, white and pink. The arms are streaked. Dimensions: up to 20-25 cm. in diameter.

In most cases these organisms can be seen attached to the substrate by their cirri. The mouth is located at the top of the dorsal cup. Feather stars are primarily nocturnal but they are seen in the open during the day with their arms rolled up. At night or in lesser illuminated areas they are often seen grouped together. Crinoids reproduce sexually mainly in the spring and summer. The eggs often remain attached to the arms of the feather star and the female of the species has been known to temporarily brood the larva.