Conger eel (conger conger)
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Common name Conger eel
Scientific name Conger conger
Class Osteichthyes
Order Not available
Family Congridae
Distribution The Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the Eastern Atlantic Ocean from Norway to Senegal, the Canary Isles and the Azores.
Habitat crevices and wrecks close to the surface and to depths of 1000 metres.
Dimensions 2 and sometimes up to 3 metres long
Characteristicts The dorsal fin starts above the end of the pectoral fins and the jaws contain large teeth.

The body is long and snakelike, roughly tubular. The dorsal fin starts about a quarter of the body length along the back. The jaws contain tooth bands with a separated inner series. Coloration is a light brown speckled with dark brown, lighter on the underside, the fins being the same colour as the body.

Like the other anguillids, this eel reproduces in specific spawning grounds, one of which is located south east of Sardinia at a depth of 600 - 800 metres. After spawning, which takes place in the summer, the adults begin to physically degenerate. The larvae drift on the ocean currents and take approximately 2 years to develop into adults. The reproductive cycle is still somewhat unknown but it is believed that these eels reproduce only once in their lifespan. Conger conger feeds on crustaceans, snails, frogs, molluscs, insect larvae, and fish.