Yellow cluster anemone (parazoanthus axinellae)
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Common name Yellow cluster anemone
Scientific name Parazoanthus axinellae
Class Anthozoa
Order Zoantari
Family Parazoantidae
Distribution The Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean
Habitat rocky or hard substrates (sponges, Gorgonians and ascidia) in shallow waters to depths of around 100 metres.
Dimensions Each polyp measures 10-15 mm in length and is approx. 5mm wide
Characteristicts Bright yellow tapering tentacles; no rigid skeleton.

Parazoanthus axinellae is a colonial anemone with 26-34 moderate to long tapering tentacles which are bright yellow in colour (sometimes with orange hues) and arranged into 2 cycles. The column is often encrusted with sand granules or sponge spicules.

The species is usually found attached to organic substrate including sponges, shells and worm tubes but may also grow on rocks around the entrances to caves or from poorly lit walls, always dominated by good underwater sea currents. In ideal conditions the anemones may even cover tens of square metres. The colony includes both the male and female of the species and eggs are laid during the spring (usually March).