Mediterranean slipper lobster (scyllarides latus)
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Common name Mediterranean slipper lobster
Scientific name Scyllarides latus
Class Crustacean
Order Decapoda
Family Scyllarides
Distribution The Mediterranean and the Eastern Atlantic Ocean from Portugal to Gambia.
Habitat rocky substrates from a few metres beneath the surface to depths of over 50 m.
Dimensions Can grow to a length of 45 cm.
Characteristicts The front margin of the antenna is smooth.

Slipper lobsters are instantly recognisable by their enlarged violet coloured antennae, which project forward from the head as smooth wide plates. The brownish-red body is typically flat and robust and is covered with granulous bumps and fine hairs and the first abdominal segment has red streaks. The feet, all without claws, end with pointed nails and the first pair are shorter and more robust than the others.

Reproduction takes place in the spring. The slipper lobster is considered to be an endangered species.