Narval or Unicorn shrimp (plesionika narval)
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Common name Narval or Unicorn shrimp
Scientific name Plesionika narval
Class Crustacean
Order Decapoda
Family Pandalidae
Distribution The Mediterranean (less diffused to the south), the Eastern Atlantic Ocean from the Canary Isles to Angola, the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean.
Habitat sandy, sand and mud or rocky substrates from depths of 10 metres (in caves) up to 900 m.
Dimensions May exceed 10 cm in length
Characteristicts This shrimp has dorsal rostral teeth, antenna that are longer than its body and red and yellow stripes.

This is an elegant shrimp with a smooth shell and a small notch at the basal part of the rostrum, which is long, curves slightly upwards and is toothed both on top and underneath. The last three pairs of limbs are particularly long and the first pair of antenna are longer than the body. The body of the narval shrimp is pale red with darker red longitudinal lines separated by four golden yellow lines. The legs and antenna are bright red.

Reproduction takes places between the spring and the autumn but is more prolific in March and the female can easily be seen with her light-blue coloured eggs. During the day this shrimp lives in burrows in the mud or sand and at night can be seen swimming in large groups in the caves.