Boxer shrimp (stenopus spinosus)
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Common name Boxer shrimp
Scientific name Stenopus spinosus
Class Crustacean
Order Decapoda
Family Stenopodidae
Distribution The Mediterranean and Red Seas.
Habitat rocky substrates from depths of 10 - 15 metres (in caves) up to over 500 m.
Dimensions Can grow to a length of 7-7.5 cm.
Characteristicts A third pair of particularly long limbs with well developed claws, three pairs of antenna and a spiny body.

The body is wide and flat and the front of the carapace and rostrum are often covered with forward facing spines. This shrimp has three pairs of very well-developed antennae (two with the same origins) of almost equal length and is equipped with three pair of walking legs, one pair with very strong pincers that exceed the entire length of the rostrum. The pincers are well-developed and covered in spines. The boxer shrimp is either an orangey red or vivid yellow with white pincers and transparent antennae.

The species is typically nocturnal and in any case prefers the dark, which is why it is often seen in caves. Reproduction occurs between April and November. The Stenopus feeds on worms, small crustaceans, molluscs and fish parasites. This crustacean is in fact a 'cleaner' and fish are quite happy to have it around and even let it pick about in and around their gills.