Il Resort

The Centre’s resort, immersed in Ustica’s beautiful green countryside set against the deep blue of the surrounding sea, is less than 2 miles from the island’s main square Accommodation includes independent fully equipped single and twin roomed mini apartments.

Given our “natural predilection” for good food and wine, ample space has been dedicated to the communal areas the Tavern, the Gazebo, and our renowned Partydrome, where the pleasure of experiencing Ustica is transferred from exploring the crystal clear waters around the rocky shores to admiring sumptuously well lain dining tables.
Here adventures shared with diving companions become all the more intense between a plate of spaghetti in calamari and tomato sauce and a slice of grilled swordfish – accompanied by an excellent Chardonnay that often increases the size of the groupers seen during the dives from + 25% underwater to a good +50% over the dinner table!