The Resort’s Diving Centre is organized in such a way as to guarantee our divers maximum comfort during all our activities.
When you check-in you are provided with a net bag and a numbered coat hanger. On this you should hang your wet suit and stab jacket and put any other diving kit in the bag.
All the kit is taken on board and stowed for the duration of your stay.

A weighted belt, which may be found on board, is tagged with the same I.D. number as the bag and the hanger so that it is easy to identify your equipment even in crowded situations.
Fresh water facilities are available on board for rinsing equipment.
It is also possible to hire any and all equipment at the Centre.
Our dives are in the morning from 9.00am to 12.30pm and in the afternoon from 3.00pm to 6.30pm 7 days a week from Easter to October.
Night dives are organized weekly.

Decompression Chamber

Given the affluence of divers here during the summer, the presence of two local hyperbaric chambers (for a total of up to 6 people) with highly trained personnel on 24 hour alert is an important commodity and also particularly reassuring.