Paolo and Ann, the proprietors of the Profondo Blu Diving Centre and Resort both have extensive knowledge of all the diving sites around Ustica and enjoy personally accompanying guests on dives.
They are also both actively involved in running the Resort and coordinating activities in the evenings.

It would of course be impossible to keep everything running smoothly without a dynamic well-spirited team and the seasonal collaboration of their children, Giovanni and Gaia and their fun-loving longstanding friends of the family, Beppe and Simone.
Maria, our particularly treasured cook, also takes care of the housekeeping at the resort.

More specifically, the tasks performed by the Profondo Blue Team are as follows:

Paolo Piumatti
Nationality: Italian
Role/Job: coordinator, skipper, diving guide
Spoken languages: Italian, English, French
Diving experience: about 5000 dives since 1971
Hobbies & special interest: cooking, wine testing, friends, travel
Favourite marine organisms: invertebrates, pelagic fish
Ann Willems
Nationality: Italian
Role/Job: diving instructor, accountant
Spoken languages: Italian, English, French, Flemish
Diving experience: about 2000 dives since 1985
Hobbies & special interest: reading books, travel
Favourite marine organisms: nudibranches
Simone Giammona
Nationality: Italian
Role/Job: second-in-command, waiter, disk jokey
Spoken languages: Italian, English
Hobbies & special interest: computer, music
Beppe Gatto
Nationality: Italian
Role/Job: diving instructor
Spoken languages: Italian, English
Diving experience: about 1500 dives since 1995
Hobbies & special interest: parachuting, travel, friends
Favourite marine organisms: barracudas, seashells
Gaia Piumatti
Nationality: Italian
Role/Job: general maid
Spoken languages: Italian, English, French
Hobbies & special interest: reading books, cats

Each year three seasonal members of staff are added to our team: a diving guide, a gardener and an assistant housekeeper.