Profondo Gusto

Ann and Paolo are great lovers of good home cooking, good wine and the pleasures of sharing these in the company of good friends!
For this reason they came up with the idea of creating an association aimed at introducing and familiarizing our guests with our concept of Mangiarberebeneinsieme (Dine&WineWellTogether).
This is in fact the term invented the morning after an unforgettable evening when it came to us that there are three things we believe should always go hand in hand: a good meal accompanied by an excellent wine, and most importantly, in the company of new and old friends!

The association needed a name and it was decided that no other could be more appropriate than Profondo Gusto. Profondo reflecting the name of our Resort and in English meaning not only deep but also intense and Gusto that though defined as taste also means pleasure, passion and enjoyment.
Mangiarberebeneinsieme has developed into an ever growing concept with an ever increasing number of followers. So much so that someone has even come up with an equivalent mathematical formula!
(click here: Mangiarberebeneinsieme Formula to find out how it works)
Profondo Gusto Followers meet up at either the Gazebo or the Osteria.

"Zu Angilu" (Uncle Angelo, who lives next door) is our vegetables and biological pulses pusher
"U' coppolinu" (Claudio, a very good neighbour and local fisherman) supplies us with fresh sword fish and tuna.
"U' mancinu" is the amberjack fish specialist.
"Romeo" supplies us with fresh calamari.
Last but by no means least "Doc. Mancuso" supplies us with a very good cure against dehydration: Chardonnay, Merlot Sicilia and Barbera di Ustica. All wines produced from locally grown grapes using strictly biological methods.
Paolo’s Piedmont origins in the wine cellar are also more than evident with an abundant supply of wines from his home region including numerous bottles of Arneis, Dolcetto, Grignolino, Nebiolo and Barbaresco.